Stevie Nicks, Dreams Tour, Caesar's Palace Colosseum, Las Vegas NV, 2005

2005 Stevie Nicks Dreams

In 2005, Stevie Nicks debuted a new show called “Stevie Nicks Dreams.” She performed at the state-of-the-art 4,100-seat Caesar’s Palace Colosseum, a venue that was constructed for singer Celine Dion’s “A New Day” production. Stevie held a 4-show residency at the Colosseum, while Celine was on hiatus during this week.

May 10, 2005Caesar’s Palace ColosseumLas Vegas, NV
May 11, 2005Caesar’s Palace ColosseumLas Vegas, NV
May 13, 2005Caesar’s Palace ColosseumLas Vegas, NV
May 14, 2005Caesar’s Palace ColosseumLas Vegas, NV


Stevie Nicks: Lead vocals
Taku Hirano: Percussion
Al Ortiz: Bass
Jimmy Paxson: Drums
Scott Plunkett: Keyboards
Carlos Rios: Guitars
Brett Tuggle: Keyboards, vocals
Waddy Wachtel: Guitars, vocals
Jana Anderson: Background vocals
Sharon Celani: Background vocals
Lori Nicks: Background vocals


  1. Enchanted
  2. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around*
  3. Outside the Rain
  4. Dreams
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Sorcerer
  7. Stand Back
  8. Landslide
  9. Gold Dust Woman
  10. If Anyone Falls
  11. Fall from Grace
  12. How Still My Love
  13. Edge of Seventeen
  14. I Need to Know
  15. Beauty and the Beast

*Moved to fourth position following “Dreams” on subsequent nights


  • Deep Dish’s cover of “Dreams” with new vocals from Stevie Nicks debuted at the Colosseum shows. It was played just before the start of the setlist.
  • Lori Nicks made her first concert appearance in 16 years at the Colosseum shows.

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