Stevie Nicks, 24 Karat Gold Tour

Stevie Nicks Tours

24 Karat Gold Tour (2016-2017)24 Karat Gold album cover
Locations: U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Start: Phoenix, AZ (October 25, 2016)
End: Dunedin, NZ (November 24, 2017) (Leg 4)
No. of Shows: 67
2011-in-your-dreams-cover-250In Your Dreams Tour (2011-2012)
Locations: U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia
Start: Indio, CA (May 13, 2011)
End: Estero, FL (September 27, 2012)
No. of Shows: 54
Heart & Soul Tour with Rod Stewart (2011-2012)Stevie Nicks Rod Stewart Heart & Soul Tour, 2011
Locations: U.S., Canada
Start: Tampa, FL (March 23, 2011)
End: Houston, TX (August 9, 2012)
No. of Shows: 29
Late Summer Shows (2010)
Locations: U.S.
Start: Santa Barbara, CA
End: Mashantucket, CT
No. of Shows: 5
Crystal Visions Tour (2007-2008)
Locations: U.S., Canada
Start: Concord, CA (May 17, 2007)
End: Holmdel, NJ (June 29, 2008)
No. of Shows:
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Highway Companion Tour, 2006Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Highway Companions Tour (2006)
Locations: U.S.
Start: Charlotte, NC (June 9, 2006)
End: Berkeley, CA (October 27, 2006)
No. of Shows: 18
Stevie Nicks Gold Dust Tour, Australia, New Zealand, 2006Gold Dust Tour (2005-2006)
Locations: U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Start: Grand Rapids, MI (June 24, 2005)
Christchurch, New Zealand (March 7, 2006)
No. of Shows:
Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, Two Voices, 2005Two Voices Tour with Don Henley (2005)
Location: U.S.
Start: Philadelphia, PA (June 3, 2005)
Tinley Park, IL (June 19, 2005)
No. of Shows:
Stevie Nicks, Dreams Tour, Caesar's Palace Colosseum, Las Vegas NV, 2005
Stevie Nicks Dreams (2005)
Location: Las Vegas, NV, Caesar’s Palace Colosseum
Start/End: Las Vegas, NV (May 10-May 14, 2005)
No. of Shows:
4-show residency
Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La (2001)Trouble in Shangri-La Tour (2001)
Locations: U.S., Canada
Start: Burgettstown, PA (July 6, 2001)
Universal City, CA (October 10, 2001)
No. of Shows:
Pondering the Millennium (1999-2000)
Locations: West Hollywood, CA; Las Vegas, NV
Start: Los Angeles, CA (December 28, 1999)
Anaheim, CA (January 9, 2000)
No. of Shows: 7
Stevie Nicks Enchanted 1998Enchanted Tour (1998)
Locations: U.S., Canada
Start: Hartford, CT (May 27, 1998)
Bethel, NY (August 14, 1998)
No. of Shows: 41
Stevie Nicks Street Angel 1994Street Angel Tour (1994)
Locations: U.S., Canada
Start: Mansfield, MA (July 22, 1994)
Los Angeles, CA (September 18, 1994)
No. of Shows: 34
Stevie Nicks Timespace 1991Whole Lotta Trouble Tour (1991)
Locations: U.S., Canada
Start: Houston, TX (July 9, 1991)
Los Angeles, CA (November 14, 1991)
No. of Shows: 28
Stevie Nicks The Other Side of the Mirror 1989The Other Side of the Mirror Tour (1989)
Locations: U.S., Canada, Europe
Start: Clarkston, MI (August 16, 1989)
End: London, England (November 28, 1989)
No. of Shows: 38
Stevie Nicks Rock a Little (1985)Rock a Little Tour (1985)
Locations: U.S. Canada, Australia
Start: Houston, TX (April 11, 1986)
Sydney, Australia (October 6, 1986)
No. of Shows: 56
Stevie Nicks The Wild Heart (1983)The Wild Heart Tour (1983)
Location: U.S., Canada
Start: Las Vegas, NV (May 27, 1983)
Columbia, SC (November 24, 1983)
No. of Shows: 61
Stevie Nicks Bella Donna (1981)White Winged Dove Tour (1981)
Location: U.S.
Start: Houston, TX (November 28, 1981)
Pasadena, CA (June 6, 1982)
No. of Shows: 11

Fleetwood Mac Tours

Buckingham Nicks (1973)Buckingham Nicks Tour (1973)
Locations: U.S.
No. of Shows:
Locations: San Francisco Bay Area, CA
No. of Shows: ?

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