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Stevie Nicks kicked off the highly-anticipated 24 Karat Gold Tour Tuesday tonight at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in downtown Phoenix. Promising an eclectic show packed with music “in your heart,” Stevie delivered a surprisingly diverse set list that focused heavily on her solo work, performing just three songs from her Fleetwood Mac catalog (see full set list below). This was clearly the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s plan, as she made the bold move to open the set with “Gold and Braid” — an obscure track from the Bella Donna sessions that was never completed (the 1981 live version appears on 1998’s retrospective Enchanted.)

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Among other set list surprises were a fantastic “Wild Heart/Bella Donna” medley, a moving stripped-down version of “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” and the elusive “Crying in the Night” from Stevie’s out-of-print 1973 recording Buckingham Nicks (with Fleetwood Mac band member Lindsey Buckingham). Stevie noted that her longtime friend, musical director, and guitarist Waddy Wachtel played an instrumental role during the recording of Buckingham Nicks.

Fellow-Rock-and-Roll-Hall-of-Famer Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders hit the stage first at around 7:20 pm, igniting the crowd with a bevy of hits, which included “Back on the Chain Gang,” “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” and “Brass in Pocket.” Sporting ripped blue jeans, black Elvis Presley t-shirt, and white sneakers, Chrissie commanded the stage with authority, as she and the band knocked out a catalog of songs spanning nearly 40 years. (The Pretenders set list also appears below.)

The Pretenders performed for about an hour before Stevie took to the stage at 8:45 pm. Chrissie returned to the stage to join Stevie and Waddy for the hit duet “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” filling in nicely for Tom Petty and providing a unique point of view at the same time. During the song, the two rock veterans high-fived in cool female solidarity (Stevie and Chrissie’s positive impact on female rock and roll is undeniable).

Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde
(Melissa Fossum / Phoenix New Times)

Stevie revealed that she was a little nervous about singing a full set of songs on her own again (20 in all), but she was delighted and inspired to be starting the tour in her hometown of Phoenix. “I’m a little freaked out, but I’m in my hometown where I wrote a lot of these songs.” After performing the “Wild Heart” and “Bella Donna” medley, Stevie told the audience she had been wearing the same blue shawl she wore during the Bella Donna sessions in 1981.

The middle part of the set was strong, with Stevie showcasing a number of songs from 2011’s In Your Dreams and 2014’s 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault. The uptempo “Annabel Lee” (Edgar Allan Poe’s poem set to rock music) and “Starshine” played especially well onstage, with the singers in full vocal range. This momentum led into the pulsating “Stand Back,” complete with full spins during the guitar solo. The signature spectacle never fails to impress.

For the most part, Stevie kept her promise to limit the stage banter, but briefly shared stories for “Crying in the Night” and “If You Were My Love,” which were warranted being lesser-known songs in her repertoire. Stevie revealed that both songs had languished for years in her back catalog, namely the reflective “If You Were My Love,” which had been rehearsed numerous times and withdrawn from both Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks solo projects.

Stevie Nicks
(Melissa Fossum / Phoenix New Times)

Stevie closed out the show with her trademark anthems “Gold Dust Woman,” “Edge of Seventeen,” and “Rhiannon” (first encore). During “Edge of Seventeen,” Stevie paid tribute to her late “Stand Back” collaborator Prince, showing old photos of the legendary musician on the large projection screen at the back of the stage. The homage produced a loud crowd ovation from the Phoenix crowd.

Stevie skipped her famous “Edge of Seventeen” walk, during which she has traditionally shaken hands with fans in the front row. A Stevie Nicks concert without the ritual seemed like an unthinkable occurrence, but this decision allowed time for additional songs and truly underscored an evening of experimentation for Stevie, who has not often strayed from familiar set lists. But the risk paid off, as she had the crowd pumped and on their feet by the end of the show.

The final encore “Leather and Lace,” performed with just “the girls” as it had been arranged for the White Winged Dove Tour back in 1981, was a fitting tribute to Stevie’s 35-year solo journey, which this entire show seemed to represent.

The 24 Karat Gold Tour coincides with the November 4th re-release of Stevie Nicks’ first two solo albums Bella Donna (1981) and The Wild Heart (1983), which combined have sold more than 6 million copies in the U.S. alone.

Concert Reviews

Stevie Nicks Set List

Thank you to Jamie Maletic and her friends for providing the full set list before the show!

  1. Gold and Braid
  2. If Anyone Falls
  3. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Chrissie Hynde & Waddy Wachtel)
  4. Belle Fleur
  5. Outside the Rain/Dreams (medley)
  6. Wild Heart/Bella Donna (medley)
  7. Annabel Lee
  8. Enchanted
  9. New Orleans
  10. Starshine
  11. Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)
  12. Stand Back
  13. Crying in the Night
  14. If You Were My Love
    Band introductions
  15. Gold Dust Woman
  16. Edge of Seventeen
  17. Rhiannon
  18. Leather and Lace

The Pretenders Set List

  1. Alone
  2. Gotta Wait
  3. Down the Wrong Way
  4. Private Life
  5. Hymn to Her
  6. Back on the Chain Gang
  7. Don’t get Me Wrong
  8. I’ll Stand By You
  9. Tattooed Love Boys
  10. Mystery Achievement
  11. Stop Your Sobbing
  12. Brass in Pocket
  13. Holy Commotion
  14. Middle of the Road
  15. Room Full of Mirrors


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Gold and Braid (The American)

If Anyone Falls (The American)

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – with Chrissie Hynde (The American)

Outside the Rain/Dreams (The American)

Wild Heart / Bella Donna (The American)

Annabel Lee (The American)

“Thank you, Edgar Allan Poe! Here’s here. He’s in the back. Just watch out. He’s standing behind you somewhere.”

New Orleans (The American)

Starshine (The American)

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) (The American)

Stand Back (The American)

Crying in the Night (The American)

Gold Dust Woman (The American)

Gold Dust Woman (UnderTheDesertMoon)

Edge of Seventeen (The American)

Rhiannon (The American)

Leather and Lace (The American)

“What a journey it has been! Thank you, everyone, so much. You know, uh, first of all, thank you for staying. That’s a big plus. That makes me really feel good because, you know, I mean if it was me, I’d probably be going like, ‘A lot of traffic out there.’ So thank you so much!

Secondly, you always surprise me, and uh, this was a very, you know it’s like, I’m not really supposed to like talk this much. Someday I’m going to do a short where I don’t even sing, I’m just gonna talk. And uh, but I want you to know this was a very different show. This is doing songs that we’ve never done, and it’s hard because you have no…you’re so familiar with your other songs. These songs, a lot of them you’re not familiar with, but you love them. And to be able to share them with everybody is wonderful. By the time we get a couple more shows, there’ll be a little more finessed. But I’m glad that I was able to share this first night of trying to get this all in my head with you.

You have been my great friends, sitting in my living room listening to my new demos. And that, of course, is my favorite thing of all to do, is sit in my living room and play demos. So that’s what’s you’ve done for me tonight. And you’ve let me know that this is gonna work, and I’m gonna be OK, and I appreciate that.

So take care of yourself, stay strong, don’t watch the news. It’s depressing. I love you all. We’ll be back. Take care. God bless you!”

Touring Band

  • Stevie Nicks – Lead Vocals
  • Waddy Wachtel – Guitars, Musical Director
  • Ricky Peterson – Hammond Piano
  • Scott Crago – Drums
  • Darrell Smith – Grand Piano
  • Al Ortiz – Bass
  • Carlos Rios – Guitars
  • Sharon Celani – Backup Vocals
  • Marilyn Martin – Backup Vocals

Live Streaming from Periscope

The Pretenders – “Don’t Get Me Wrong” (clip)

Tour Merchandise

Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Tour t-shirt

Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Tour mug

Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Tour keychain

Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold Tour t-shirt

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Stevie Nicks kicks off 24 Karat Gold Tour tonight

Stevie Nicks kicks off her 24 Karat Gold Tour tonight in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, and she promises a show packed with music, not a lot of chatter.

“I’m not gonna do long talking things, where they might be going, ‘Well, she could’ve actually done a whole song during this little talk here,'” Stevie tells ABC Radio. “It’s gonna be fast and furious.”

The set list will feature songs from Stevie’s entire solo career as well as Fleetwood Mac hits, so everyone will go home happy.

“It’s gonna be eclectic,” she says. “I don’t think anybody’s gonna walk away going, like, ‘Oh my God, she didn’t do that Fleetwood Mac song that we wanted her to do.'”

She adds, “I’m not even gonna give people a minute to even start to ponder what’s missing!”

And while she’s giving fans a show, Stevie wants them to give her a show, too — she’s urging them to come dressed to the nines.

I’m dressed-up up there, so I think it’s a great thing to…say, ‘I give you all permission to totally pretend that you’re going to a glorious cocktail party, and wear your most beautiful clothes,’” Stevie says.

“If you’re a six-foot-five guy and you want to come in your white ‘Edge of Seventeen’ outfit, please do!'” she adds. “‘Cause I just think it’s hysterical, and I love it!”

Stevie’s opening act is another legendary rock and roll chick, Chrissie Hynde, and her band the Pretenders —which thrills Stevie to no end.

“When my manager said, ‘What about The Pretenders?’ I’m like, ‘Would they even go with me?’ And he said, ‘I think they would!'” Stevie says. “I’m really excited about this, and I think, yes, we are bada** chicks, and it’s really gonna be fun!”

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VIDEOS 12/10: US Airways Center, Phoenix

Fleetwood Mac performed at the US Airways Center in Phoenix on Wednesday, the band’s 34th show of the tour.

Both Stevie and Lindsey spoke affectionately about the city where Stevie’s parents lived and the two spent a lot of time early in their career. Lindsey called Phoenix a “second home” and Stevie expressed regret for selling her beautiful home near Camelback Mountain, where she wrote many songs. Stevie later dedicated “Landslide” to the Phoenix audience, saying “it’s good to be home,” and delivered an especially poignant rendition of her late father’s favorite song.


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Special thanks to 9693297602 ., Traci Baker, Dan B, mattjohnson723, and Ron Orion for sharing these videos!

COMPILATION: The Chain / Second Hand News / Rhiannon / Landslide / Gypsy / Gold Dust Woman / Go Your Own Way / Silver Springs (mattjohnson723)

Second Hand News (Traci Baker)

Everywhere (9693297602 .)

I Know I’m Not Wrong (9693297602 .)

Tusk (9693297602 .)

Seven Wonders (9693297602 .)

Big Love (9693297602 .)

Landslide (Dan B)

Never Going Back Again (9693297602 .)

Gypsy (9693297602 .)

Little Lies (9693297602 .)

Gold Dust Woman (9693297602 .)

Go Your Own Way (9693297602 .)

World Turning (9693297602 .)

World Turning / Band introductions (Ron Orion)

Don’t Stop (Ron Orion)

Silver Springs (9693297602 .)

Silver Springs – video is sideways (Ron Orion)

Songbird (9693297602 .)

Songbird (Ron Orion)

Songbird (Tina Zouppas)


Fleetwood Mac celebrates Christine McVie’s return (Arizona Republic)

Set List

1. The Chain 13. Landslide
2. You Make Loving Fun 14. Never Going Back Again
3. Dreams 15. Over My Head
4. Second Hand News 16. Gypsy
5. Rhiannon 17. Little Lies
6. Everywhere 18. Gold Dust Woman
7. I Know I’m Not Wrong 19. I’m So Afraid
8. Tusk 20. Go Your Own Way
9. Sisters of the Moon 21. World Turning (encore 1)
10. Say You Love Me 22. Don’t Stop
11. Seven Wonders 23. Silver Springs
12. Big Love 24. Songbird (encore 2)

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac celebrates Christine McVie’s return

“Our songbird has returned,” Mick Fleetwood told the sold-out crowd at Talking Stick Resort Arena Wednesday night before the reunited “Rumours” lineup treated the fans to an encore performance of “Don’t Stop” that featured the songbird in question, Christine McVie, taking a turn on lead vocals and contributing a rollicking piano solo.

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This is McVie’s first tour with Fleetwood Mac since 1998. And Fleetwood was far from alone in viewing her return as cause for celebration, reuniting as it does the soft-rock icons’ most successful lineup. The crowd responded with enthusiasm when she took her first lead vocal, two songs in, on “You Make Loving Fun,” which was followed by a heartfelt tribute to McVie by Stevie Nicks.

McVie herself talked about “what a thrill it is for me to be standing on this stage singing with these amazing musicians and friends” before taking another lead vocal on “Everywhere.”

Lindsey Buckingham shared his thoughts on how “the return of the beautiful Christine” had signaled a new chapter in their history.

And the second encore started with McVie alone on piano and vocals for two verses and a chorus of an understated “Songbird” before Buckingham joined in on lead guitar.

That was it for the music, but Nicks returned to share a charming anecdote about a phone call she got last October in Italy, imitating McVie’s British accent to ask, “What would you think if I decided to come back to the band?” and ending her speech with “We so wanted her to come back. And we’re so happy to have our girl back.”

They did a lot of talking in the course of their nearly three-hour performance. Buckingham talked about how thrilled he was to be in Phoenix, where he and Nicks had spent a lot of time, saying “It kind of feels like a second home.” He gave a lengthy monologue before tearing it up on a solo acoustic performance of “Big Love,” talking about how although that “Tango in the Night” track is actually newer than much of the material in Wednesday’s set, it feels like it came from “a whole different lifetime,” before he “pulled back and made a few adjustments.” The song began, he explained, as “a kind of contemplation on alienation perhaps” but had become “more a meditation on the power and the importance of change.”

And Nicks talked at length about living in Phoenix.

“I actually lived here for 20 years,” she said before admitting that she wished she hadn’t sold her house. “I miss coming home to write and being near Camelback Mountain and all of you.” After acknowledging her friends and family in attendance, Nicks said, “A lot of our songs were written here. It’s good to be home.” And after talking about McVie in the second encore, she signed off with “And Phoenix, I’m so sorry I don’t live here anymore.”

As for the music, they made their way through nine of the 11 songs on “Rumours” and half the songs on 1975’s “Fleetwood Mac,” their first release with Buckingham and Nicks.

Fleetwood set the tone for their performance with the thumping kick drum of “The Chain,” the first of several tracks that thrived on Buckingham’s intensity both as a singer and as one of rock and roll’s most underrated lead guitarists. The man should be enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Most Watchable Guitar Gods. His tone is amazing and his presence makes his most electrifying moments that much more electrifying. The excitement he seems to be feeling when he plays those leads couldn’t be more contagious.

They kept the focus on “Rumours” as they traded off lead vocals from McVie on “You Make Loving Fun” to Nicks on “Dreams” and back to Buckingham for “Second Hand News.”

Highlights of the early part of their performance included “Rhiannon,” an electrifying “Tusk,” which was accompanied by footage of the USC Trojan Marching Band playing the song at Dodgers Stadium, “Say You Love Me” and “Seven Wonders.”

Buckingham’s solo performance of “Big Love” was exhilarating and far more intense than you’d imagine one man on acoustic guitar can be — unless, of course, you were familiar with Buckingham’s solo performances of that awe-inspiring song. They kept things in acoustic mode for “Landslide,” which featured Buckingham accompanying Nicks on her best vocal of the night. And then he took it up a notch with a haunting performance of “Never Going Back Again.”

At that point, their bandmates returned for a stripped-down set with Fleetwood on a kit out front for “Over My Head” and “Gypsy,” which was set up by another lengthy monologue from Nicks about a San Francisco dress shop called the Velvet Underground.

The set built to a climax from there with McVie’s “Little Lies” giving way to a haunted arrangement of Nicks’ “Gold Dust Woman,” Buckingham’s most insane guitar work of the concert on “I’m So Afraid” and a set-closing “Go Your Own Way.”

After starting the encore with a version of “World Turning” that featured a lengthy drum solo, they brought things up a notch with “Don’t Stop,” ending that first encore with an aching “Silver Spring” (the B-side of “Go Your Own Way”) with a really nice vocal from Nicks. And saving “Songbird” for the second encore was a nice touch, shining the spotlight one last time on the prodigal daughter, McVie, whose return really does suggest, as Buckingham said, a new chapter in Fleetwood Mac’s history.


1. “The Chain”

2. “You Make Loving Fun”

3. “Dreams”

4. “Second Hand News”

5. “Rhiannon”

6. “Everywhere”

7. “I Know I’m Not Wrong”

8. “Tusk”

9. “Sisters of the Moon”

10. “Say You Love Me”

11. “Seven Wonders”

12. “Big Love”

13. “Landslide”

14. “Never Going Back Again”

15. “Over My Head”

16. “Gypsy”

17. “Little Lies”

18. “Gold Dust Woman”

19. “I’m So Afraid”

20 “Go Your Own Way”


21. “World Turning”

22. “Don’t Stop”

23. “Silver Springs”

Encore 2

24. “Songbird”

Ed Masley / Arizona Republic / Thursday, December 11, 2014