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1993 Version

1994 Album Version

About the Song

Stevie Nicks“Inspiration” is Track 15 on the Japanese edition of Street Angel (TOCP-8162). It is also appears as a bonus track on the “Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind” US single and the international single for “Blue Denim.”

“Inspiration” was written by Ethan Johns, son of Glyn Johns, the original producer of the album.


*Bonus track

Well, I was sitting down talking to myself again
I pick up the phone you’re on the other end
Sometimes to talk to you is all I need
To make me feel at home again
We can talk away the time like it was yesterday
You make me feel like I feel when I sit down and play

And I understand it’s not how we planned
But we’ll make it
Just call me inspiration
I remember your voice at the station
You whispered to me at the station
Just call me inspiration

And you put down the phone I feel so alone
Sometimes I just can’t stand it
But it’s all worthwhile when I see that smile
I feel like I’m up a mile high

We’ll these past few weeks I’ve had time to remember
Those times we spent together

The days we just decided to stay inside
To be with one another
And those times they mean so much to me
And you have to know how much you mean to me
And I really really want you to be with me
Cause I love you

Just call me inspiration
Just call me inspiration

(Ethan Johns) © 1993 Mushroom Music Publishing

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