Mabel Normand

Through the show
She’s natural in her beauty
I guess you could say she’s an unapproachable comedienne
Haven’t much faith in her talent
She did her work, no comedienne
She’s not been the clown
She did her work
But her heart was quietly crying
I guess she even felt guilty
About even dying
Poor Mabel Normand

So my friend is continuing
On a destructive road
His life passes before him with unfortunate circumstance
His friends are at odds
And he is not winning
Why does someone always have to win
He says, “It’s patterns”
Strange things do follow
When you love someone
So you put them in exile
How ’bout I call you Beloved Exile
He called today
He says, “Don’t give up”
I ask him, “What are you talking about?”
I said, “Things are not the same”
Since you’ve been gone, Rome burned down
And it’s still all the same
So I moved away from the house to him
Nothing but waiting for messages
All through the days he doesn’t rise with the sun
And I prayed every day for the answer
In a still, and almost silent night
He began to hide his beauty
And I learned to say the words
Well, just whose side are you on anyway

And what does it matter
You change sides
What does it matter
Still you change sides
Every other day, you just change sides

Well, her life was a gas
Simply everything that happened
Well, they say it was sad
They say it was sad

So continue on your destructive road
Your life passes before me like an unknown circumstance
You and your friends are at odds
And you are not winning
Why does someone always have to win
And all those races that are run
They cause patterns
Strange things do follow when you love someone

So you put that someone in exile
And you say, “I’d write a book about it”
And call it Beloved Exile
Well, her life was a gas
Simply everything that happened
Well, the old lady said, “Yes, it was sad”
He fought a losing battle
One day at a time
She might even make it through tomorrow
Maybe even another show
Natural in her beauty
I guess you could say she was just unapproachable
Baby, you’re needed
Hasn’t much faith in her talent
Give it a whirl

(Stevie Nicks) © 2014 Welsh Witch Music (BMI). Administered by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (BMI)

About the Song

“Mabel Normand” is a track from 24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault (2014), Stevie Nicks’ eighth solo album. The song dates back to a mid-1980s demo that Nicks rehearsed for her third solo album Rock a Little (1985).

Mabel Normand was a comedienne and silent film star from the early 1900s.

A 15-second preview of the song was released to Stevie Nicks’ official social media sites on Friday, August 15, 2014.

Preview Clip

Original Demo

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