The Year in Review

2015 was another busy year for Stevie and the members of Fleetwood Mac. The ON WITH THE SHOW TOUR was front and center, but Stevie made headlines of her own throughout the year. Here is a recap of some of the year’s biggest moments for the band.


Following her surprise New Year’s Eve appearance at a Deer Tick concert in Brooklyn a few weeks earlier, Stevie treated fans to another surprise — an unexpected acoustic performance of “Gypsy” and “Blue Water”! Rolling Stone hosted the performance in honor of Stevie appearing solo on the cover of its magazine for the first time since 1981.

Fleetwood Mac kicked off Leg 2 of the ON WITH THE SHOW TOUR, making another round of the U.S. and Canada.

Just a few shows into the second leg of the tour, Mick Fleetwood fell ill after a show in Nebraska. It appeared to be the stomach flu. Fortunately, Mick recovered quickly and the band was back in business.


In February, Rumours turned 38, still aging gracefully with each passing year.


Stevie graced the cover of Rolling Stone Australia. The editors went retro for the cover, opting for a ’70s-era photo by Sam Emerson. The US version of the magazine, released in January (RS1227), featured a newer photo by Peggy Sirota.


As Leg 2 of Fleetwood Mac’s insanely lucrative ON WITH THE SHOW TOUR was ending, Warner Bros. took advantage of the moment by reissuing Stevie’s 2007 release Crystal Visions…The Very Best of Stevie Nicks on clear double vinyl, with a large poster and a handy-dandy vinyl messenger bag.

LIFE featured Fleetwood Mac in a collector’s edition. Despite the great exposure (for already overexposed album!), the feature met with some controversy, namely from Rumours co-producers Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut who questioned the merits of the piece. Most fans know that the album couldn’t have been made without their studio craftsmanship, so don’t sweat it, boys!


Between tour legs, Lindsey Buckingham paid a visit to USC, whose world-renown marching band helped make his Fleetwood Mac’s iconic “Tusk” legendary…and the focal point of every college football game’s half-time show! Linds performed his acoustic classics before aspiring student entrepreneurs and encouraged the kids to make a big splash, creatively speaking.

Age-defying Miss Nicks turned 67 in May. People have longed marveled at the seemingly ageless woman with flawless skin, but Stevie’s night-owl schedule, free of those damaging UV rays, is largely to credit. (La Mer skin care products help out, too.)

Fleetwood Mac kicked off Leg 3 of their ON WITH THE SHOW TOUR in May, a day after Stevie’s 67th birthday. Celebrities such as Adele and Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) attended the European opener, later taking to Twitter to gush about meeting Stevie. (She seems to have that effect on people.)


In June, Fleetwood Mac performed at the Isle of Wight, England’s largest and most famous music festival of nearly 60,000 attendees. The barrage of hits caused a drunk sing-along among the sea of fans, which spanned kilometers!

As expected, Fleetwood Mac made Forbes’ coveted list of the World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities, ranking at #24 with a whopping paycheck of $59.5 million. Stevie and Christine were the third highest-paid women in music, behind Katy Perry (#1) and Taylor Swift (#2).


Fleetwood Mac ended Leg 3 of the ON WITH THE SHOW TOUR in Dublin, where the seeds of Christine McVie’s return to Fleetwood Mac were planted in 2013.

Fleetwood Mac’s music continued to reach new audiences with this Watkins Family Hour cover of “Steal Your Heart Away” from Mac’s 2003 album Say You Will. Not bad for a band you’ve probably never heard of.


Stevie Nicks ranked No. 53 on Rolling Stone‘s list of 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time. Some fans felt the prolific songwriter should have been ranked higher on the list, but considering the magazine once described her second solo album The Wild Heart as an “outright catastrophe” and her singing as “inchoate ramblings,” it’s a sheer miracle she’s on the list at all! By the way, that disparaging assessment of this two-million seller that produced the monster hit “Stand Back,” is curiously omitted from Rolling Stones‘ online album review archive. Editor’s remorse? Karma? Who knows? But you can read the full critical takedown here.


Thirty-four years after they released “Leather and Lace,” Don Henley and Stevie Nicks reunited for a tender new ballad called “It Don’t Matter to the Sun.” Even if the two are no longer “lovers forever,” they still know how to tug at those heart strings.

Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley made headlines in 2015 by announcing his plans to record a solo album. Leaving a supergroup to do your own thing? Having done it herself, Stevie might have a few things to say about this subject, like “Let me sing on your record!” (Stevie will be providing harmony vocals on Kelley’s cover of Tom Petty’s “Southern Accents.”)

If showing up unexpectedly at a Los Angeles Foo Fighters’ concert to perform two of your own songs wasn’t shocking enough, what Stevie did toward the end of “Gold Dust Woman” will have you in jaw-dropping disbelief. The impromptu moment showed that even Stevie, who rarely strays far from her stage routine, could be spontaneous.


In October, Fleetwood Mac finally made its way to Australia after cancelling a planned tour in 2013 due to bassist John McVie’s cancer scare. Fortunately, McVie recovered and the band was ready to rock fans Down Under. The opening shows in Sydney were blockbusters, catapulting the band into the top spot on Billboard Boxscore, with gross sales exceeding $5.4 million.


After a staggering 150 shows, most of which were sold out, Fleetwood Mac ended the ON WITH THE SHOW TOUR in the beautiful city of Auckland. For most Australasian fans, it was the wind…the rain…the water! that they had to contend with in order to see their heroes in action. Despite the elements, which often made for a soggy concert experience, most fans would probably say it was all worth it. #BucketList Fleetwood Mac closed out the year at No. 6 on Pollstar’s Year End Top 20 Worldwide Tours, with total gross sales of $125.1 million.

Rock a Little was kind of Stevie’s Tusk…big, brash, and a bit all over the place. It also represented everything The Big ’80s could serve up…drum machines, synthesizers, and power ballads. So how does it stand 30 years later?


On December 4, Fleetwood Mac’s most unusual album Tusk got the deluxe treatment, augmented with elaborately reissued editions. Getting the DVD-Audio mix of the album, the track-by-track analysis, and The Alternate Tusk impressed even the most jaded Fleetwood Mac fans.

Never ones to stay at home for long, Stevie and Mick attended the star-studded Broadway premiere of School of Rock in New York. The two megastars schmoozed with the likes of Sting, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Helen Mirren. Mick’s uber-cute twin daughters Ruby and Tess were there too!

Both Mick and Lindsey have been fanning the flames of a possible new Fleetwood Mac album for the past two years. It was clear that Stevie was the lone hold-out, or so it seemed. But now she appears to be on board, if what she told an interviewer at the School of Rock Broadway premiere is accurate.

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Though it was an awkward pairing, The Voice judge Gwen Stefani and contestant Jeffery Austin did their best to cover Stevie and Don Henley’s classic duet “Leather and Lace” for the live finale. By the end, you didn’t quite get the sense that Gwen and Jeffery were “lovers forever,” but maybe “pals for a while.”

Happy New Year from STEVIE NICKS INFO! Wishing you all the best in 2016!

Top 10 Fleetwood Mac moments of 2014

Stevie Nicks Lady Gaga at the Vanity Fair Oscar party
Stevie Nicks hangs out with Lady Gaga at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

From storming Rockefeller Plaza to officiating a rock star wedding, the members of Fleetwood Mac made big headlines all throughout 2014.

Stevie Nicks was the most ongoing of the five members, making several high profile, A-List appearances, such as the Vanity Fair Oscar Party this past March.

Here’s how Fleetwood Mac’s biggest moments from the past year stacked up:

10. Stevie mentors for Team Adam on The Voice.

In October, Stevie appeared on the hit reality singing competition The Voice to mentor for Team Adam. Mentoring for “The Battle Premiere,” she encouraged the aspiring singers to “walk out there with a big attitude [and] big voice. Work the mic, spend a little eye time with the people who are watching, [and] you gotta break some hearts at the same time.”

Stevie also had a guest stint on American Idol, mentoring season 11 contestants.

Stevie Nicks mentors for Team Adam on The Voice. (Photo: NBC)
Stevie Nicks mentors for Team Adam on The Voice. (Photo: NBC)

9. Fleetwood Mac works on a new album.

Over the summer, Fleetwood Mac began recording tracks for a new album. The band (sans Nicks, who was working on an album of her own in Nashville) worked on new material brought in by returning member Christine McVie. Though no release date has been issued for the album, Lindsey Buckingham was confident that their studio work would come to fruition. “There’s no danger that [the album] will slip between the tracks. It’s too profound to,” he told the Wall Street Journal in October. So Mac fans everywhere lie in wait!


8. Stevie officiates Vanessa Carlton’s wedding.

As if recording a brand new solo album and touring with Fleetwood Mac weren’t enough, Stevie somehow found time to officiate Vanessa Carlton’s marriage to Deer Tick musician John McCauley. Technically, the wedding occurred at the end of 2013 on December 27, but the rock star spectacle managed to set the Internet ablaze well into 2014 and missed every Top 10 list that year, so it’s worth including here. By the power vested in her as an ordained minister, Stevie declared the happy couple husband and wife at an intimate hilltop ceremony in Los Angeles. Carlton shared the exciting news on Twitter, tweeting pictures of Stevie officiating the wedding. The “Thousand Miles” singer-songwriter has formed a close relationship with Stevie and her family over the past few years – even spending the Christmas holidays with the Nickses!

(Photo: Vanessa Carlton)
(Photo: Vanessa Carlton)

7. Mick Fleetwood releases second autobiography Play On.

In October, Mick Fleetwood released his second autobiography Play On: Now, Then, and Fleetwood Mac. This time around, Mick tread lightly on the band’s most intimate secrets to prevent another band implosion. (His last exposé, 1991′ s Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac, strained relationships with band members Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, whose volatile blowup in 1987 was well documented.) All for the better, Fleetwood’s latest work reflects someone who has matured and grown over time. One regret that Fleetwood revealed was the fact that he never wrote any songs for Fleetwood Mac in the band’s 47-year history, creative expression which he is exploring now in an exhibition of his photography.

Mick Fleetwood Play On

6. Stevie performs with Lady Antebellum on ACM Awards.

On April 6, Stevie Nicks teamed up with Lady Antebellum to perform the country trio’s hit single “Golden” on the ACM Awards. Nicks loved the song so much that she added her vocals to a special version of “Golden,” which was released on April 1 – no joke! Stevie and Lady also performed Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Rhiannon” on the show, which, as shown in the video, drove the crowd wild!

(Photo: CBS)
(Photo: CBS)

5. Stevie joins all-female tribute to 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Linda Ronstadt.

Some of biggest names in music took to the stage for a tour-de-force tribute to 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Linda Ronstadt. Joined by Sheryl Crow, Glen Frey (the lone male), Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, and Carrie Underwood, Stevie took the lead on Ronstadt’s 1977 hit single “It’s So Easy,” a Buddy Holly cover. Stevie made it all look so easy.

2014-0410-rrhf-Larry Busacca-Getty Images

4. Stevie Nicks receives BMI Icon Award for Songwriting

On May 13, Stevie received the highest industry honor for songwriting at the BMI Icon Awards. The prestigious event included an all-star musical tribute to her. While giving her acceptance speech, Stevie shared an old poem by Lord Byron titled “When We Two Parted” and brought the Goya guitar that her late parents presented to her for her 16th birthday. Stevie explained how these personal items inspired her to write songs.

(Photo: Lester Cohen / WireImage)
(Photo: Lester Cohen / WireImage)

3. Fleetwood Mac takes over Rockefeller Plaza.

On October 9, Fleetwood Mac rocked NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza for the Toyota Fall Concert Series on Today. Despite the cold weather, the band was red hot as it played abbreviated versions of “The Chain,” “Gypsy,” “Little Lies,” and “Go Your Own Way.” Fleetwood Mac fans who arrived early were treated to the sound check, where the band practiced the same songs.


2. Stevie Nicks releases 24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault.

No one believed it would ever happen, but hell frozen over in October when Stevie finally recorded many of the old demos that she had amassed over the years. Titled 24 Karat Gold, a reference to one of those precious demos dating back to the 1980s, the album features several new recordings of demos that Stevie found circulating on YouTube. Rather than crying foul with litigation, Stevie used the social media tool to her advantage and selected the most popular ones to record. Created in a Nashville recording studio in just three months, the album featured the classic sound and production — recalling producer Jimmy Iovine’s production work on Bella Donna (1981) and The Wild Heart (1983) — that many fans were pining to hear once again. For the most part, their wish was granted as Nicks and producer Dave Stewart stayed to true her original demos and classic solo artist sound that fans had grown to treasure and associate with her all these years.

Nicks also included photos in an oversized booklet that accompanied the deluxe edition of 24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault. Long before there were “selfies” on Instagram and Facebook, Stevie perfected the art of taking self-portraits with her trusty old Polaroid camera. She captured herself at home and in hotel rooms while on tour. In October, Stevie unveiled her extensive collection of self-portraits at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York.


1. Christine McVie reunites with Fleetwood Mac for first tour in 16 years.

As she had done in 2013, Christine McVie once again topped the list of the year’s biggest Fleetwood Mac moments when she hit the stage for her first full Fleetwood Mac concert performance since 1998 at the Target Center in Minneapolis on September 30.

Christine McVie returned to the megaband whose legacy she helped to create with her cozy pop songs, such as “Say You Love Me,” “Don’t Stop,” and “Little Lies.” Overcoming a fear of flying, McVie returned to the stage with a renewed confidence. Throughout the tour, she has been grateful to the band for granting her a “second chance” to perform with one of the most enduring bands in rock history.

Once McVie started to sing the opening lines of her 1977 Rumours hit single “You Make Loving Fun,” fans  rejoiced and showed their appreciation by giving her warm ovations. Though face-value ticket prices swelled in upwards of $300 a pop at some venues, for many, seeing McVie’s unexpected return to the band was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  All was good in the universe once again.

The band was equally as delighted to see McVie return to the stage. “Our songbird has returned,” Mick Fleetwood gushed at each show of the first leg of the tour, which ended on December 20. The outing was a tremendous success, with sold-out arenas throughout the U.S. and Canada, and earned unanimous praise from critics. With fans on board for the nostalgic ride, 2014 easily became the biggest year for Fleetwood Mac since releasing the reunion album The Dance in 1997.