VIDEOS 10/22: Allphones Arena, Sydney, Australia (Night 1)

Here are the latest videos from Thursday’s tour opener at Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia. Special thanks to Nicole Barker, BlogBrian, Greg Haddow, and Teagirl009 for the fantastic footage from the tour opener!

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The Chain (Nicole Barker)

You Make Loving Fun (Nicole Barker)

“Let’s Get This Party Started!” (Nicole Barker)

Dreams (Nicole Barker)

Dreams (Greg Haddow)

Second Hand News (Nicole Barker)

Rhiannon (TheInkBlotter)

Rhiannon (Nicole Barker)

Everywhere (TheInkBlotter)

Everywhere (Nicole Barker)

Tusk (TheInkBlotter)

Tusk (Nicole Barker)

Sara (Nicole Barker)

Sara (BlogBrian)

Say You Love Me (Nicole Barker)

Big Love (Nicole Barker)

Landslide (Nicole Barker)

Landslide (Teagirl009)

Never Going Back Again (Nicole Barker)

Think about Me (BlogBrian)

Think about Me (Nicole Barker)

Gypsy (Nicole Barker)

“The reason I’m telling you this story is because in this day and age when the most horrific things are happening in our world, I want you to know that if you have a dream and you believe in yourself and you believe that you can do this, don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t have your dream because that is crap. You can have anything you want. You just have to believe in yourself and you have to reach up into the stars and you have to grab that star and pull it down to you and go back to the Velvet Underground and stay there.”

Little Lies (TheInkBlotter)

Gold Dust Woman (Nicole Barker)

I’m So Afraid (Nicole Barker)

Go Your Own Way (Nicole Barker)

Encore (Nicole Barker)

World Turning – partial (Nicole Barker)

Don’t Stop (Teagirl009)

Silver Springs (Nicole Barker)

Songbird (Nicole Barker)

Farewells (Nicole Barker)

REVIEW: Beloved rockers return to Sydney

Fans cheer, laugh, cry, and show love for Fleetwood Mac on their Australian tour.

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IF you could harness all the energy devoted to singing Fleetwood Mac songs in loungerooms, cars and bars over the past 40 years, it would create a mighty bang.

The audience at the opening Australian concert by the legendary band at Sydney’s Allphones Arena brought an energy powered by all those moments, whether a solo karaoke of their favourite song, perhaps “Go Your Own Way,” or the more universally sung-to-the-rafters “Don’t Stop.”

Their myth is rooted in the reality of their drug-fuelled romantic entanglements and bust-ups as documented so honestly and historically on the greatest breakup album of all time Rumours.

The Fleetwood Mac on offer in 2015 is one every fan had not dared hope for over the past 16 years; the return of the classic line-up featuring Christine McVie.

This reunion appears to have a restored a natural order, and much-missed songs, to the concert life of Mac and the band’s devoted fanbase.

On this greatest hits tour, resumed after bassist John McVie’s treatment for cancer, the beloved rockers sounded perfect and clearly enjoyed embarking on this concert caper again.

Yet this isn’t a band simply running through a well-structured hits set played with the ease of familiarity and virtuosity.

There was seriously a lot of love in the room, both on and offstage, even when Lindsey Buckingham got a little creepy with his vocals on “Never Going Back Again.”

And it’s not only the love these five musicians have for each other, which is truly astounding when you consider how they tortured each other back on the 70s and 80s.

Where the love, and the joy and even a few tears, really happens, is in the audience.

Like the three people behind me harmonising so tunefully to the opening track “The Chain,” the band’s statement of intent to keep it all together for this tour, at least.

Or the enthusiastic air drummers everywhere in the crowd who played along to “Tusk.”

Or the big Christine fan who almost busted out of his chair space as he danced and sang along to “You Make Loving Fun.”

Or me who may have got something in both eyes during “Sara,” a song introduced to the setlist for the Australian concerts.

That’s the thing about a Fleetwood Mac concert which remains truer now than ever in those creatively and personally tense eras.

The Mac are just such a big deal to the fans, and they respect that loyalty by not messing with the memories.

Stevie Nicks twirls is her layers of black and mic stand of scarves and ribbons.

Buckingham is an engaging guitar show-off, that rare musician whose hyper emotional performance somehow remains connected to the song rather than veering too far off into an indulgent display of proficiency.

Christine just delivers that understated and warm depth she always brought to the band.

And then there’s that devilishly handsome and beguiling rhythm section of bassist John and the masterful, commanding drummer Mick Fleetwood.

The world would have been a less magical and mirthful and musical place without Fleetwood making this band all those decades ago.

What remains at the end of a night which included “Tusk,” “Dreams,” “Rhiannon,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Landslide,” “Big Love,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Everywhere,” “Little Lies” and “Songbird” are the feeling that the songs you have always loved from one of the world’s greatest bands still sound as good as they do in your memory.

And that rarely happens.

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Kathy McCabe / Daily Telegraph / Thursday, October 22, 2015

VIDEO: Fleetwood Mac tours Australia

Fleetwood Mac kicks off Australian tour

The Mac is back with healthy John McVie, brand new set list at tour opener in Sydney

Fleetwood Mac was recharged and ready to rock Sydney on Thursday night, as they kicked off the fourth leg of their On With The Show World Tour. Australian fans have been patiently waiting for the supergroup to come Down Under ever since it abruptly cancelled the last tour two years ago after bassist John McVie was diagnosed with cancer. According to Mick Fleetwood, the venerable and resilient McVie is healthy once again, having responded well to chemotherapy treatments. But Fleetwood revealed that this may be McVie’s final tour, as the wear and tear of continual touring has worn him down.

But last night, Fleetwood Mac showed no signs of slowing down, performing the first of three shows at Allphones Arena at Sydney’s Olympic Park. After the band launched into the Rumours-phere with stirring renditions of “The Chain” and “You Make Loving Fun,” Stevie Nicks greeted the audience, as usual, and took a few moments to acknowledge Christine McVie’s 2014 return to the band. She then fired up the crowd with her concert battle cry: “Let’s get this party started!”

The band made a few changes to the set list for this leg of the tour, introducing three new songs: “Bleed to Love Her,” “Sara,” and “Think about Me” — one a piece for each of the three songwriters. Three songs replaced “I Know I’m Not Wrong,” “Sisters of the Moon,” and “Over My Head,” respectively in the concert set. Christine amused the crowd when she introduced “Think about Me”: “It was released as a single, although I don’t think it did do terribly well. But we like it.”

During the “Landslide” dedication, Stevie mentioned that she had already been staying in Sydney for the past two weeks visiting friends and family, such as her 86-year-old “adopted mom” Margaret Michaels, whom she befriended in 2005. She dedicated “Landslide” to Margaret and Margaret’s daughter Sally, who had been away during Stevie’s two week visit and had recently returned. So Sally received a special dedication.

“I just want you to know, Sal, that I love you and that the world is good and the colors are bright. And you have to open up and let God put his arms around you. And do that. You live in the most beautiful city in the world. So this is for Margaret and for Sally. It’s called ‘Landslide.'”

Fleetwood Mac performs again at Sydney’s Allphones Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

Fleetwood Mac performing onstage in Sydney
(Photo: Roger Kermode)
Fleetwood Mac performing onstage in Sydney
(Photo: Roger Kermode)
Fleetwood Mac performing in Sydney
(Photo: Sonia Surija)
Fleetwood Mac performing in Sydney
(Photo: David Sharaz)
Fleetwood Mac performing in Sydney
(Photo: Sasha Kate)

Live Tweets

Set List

  1. The Chain
  2. You Make Loving Fun
  3. Dreams
  4. Second Hand News
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Everywhere
  7. Bleed to Love Her (replaces I Know I’m Not Wrong)
  8. Tusk
  9. Sara (replaces Sisters of the Moon)
  10. Say You Love Me
  11. Big Love
  12. Landslide
  13. Never Going Back Again
  14. Think About Me (replaces Over My Head)
  15. Gypsy
  16. Little Lies
  17. Gold Dust Woman
  18. I’m So Afraid
  19. Go Your Own Way
  20. World Turning (encore 1)
  21. Don’t Stop
  22. Silver Springs
  23. Songbird (encore 2)

Mick Fleetwood hints at John McVie’s retirement

John McVie: This might be my final tour

TWO years after pulling the pin on their 2013 Australian tour following bass player John McVie’s cancer diagnosis, Fleetwood Mac’s most famous and most successful line-up landed in Sydney this week ahead of what McVie has indicated might be his last tour with the band that bears his name.

Founding member Mick Fleetwood, 68, was respectful when he spoke of McVie’s recent health crisis during a sound check at Allphones Arena yesterday.

“I raised a toast the other night with Christine (McVie). He’s well as well, absolutely (in) tip top health and that’s pivotal. And outside of it, it’s great to be here and playing.

“It’s a revisitation,” Fleetwood enthused of his 69-year-old creative partner with whom he founded the band in 1963.

“John’s very practical. He didn’t get into it (cancer talk) one way or the other. I’m an old drama queen but John just said, ‘OK, let’s get it fixed’ and that was that. Never heard any more about it and it was fixed, and we’ve been on the road ever since.”

Mick Fleetwood
Mick Fleetwood: “Those days are long gone.’’ (Cameron Richardson)

In May, McVie said his playing days would soon be at an end: “How much longer can the Mac be a working band? Not much longer, for me anyway. It’s not the music. It’s the peripherals, the travelling. Mick will go on until they put him up against a wall and shoot him.”

The return to the line-up of McVie’s ex-wife, singer and keyboardist Christine, 72, who parted ways with Fleetwood Mac in 1998 and was retired from the music business, has been described by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham as “really beautiful”. Buckingham also quit the band for 16 years from 1987 to 2003.

“(Christine) just sort of woke up and said, ‘I’m not done. I want to be more alive’,” Fleetwood said.

Fleetwood acknowledges relations within the band, which includes three ex- couples — Buckingham, 66, and singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks, 67, the McVies and Fleetwood and Nicks — are still fiery 40 years after the most famous Mac five first collaborated in 1975.

“I don’t think Lindsey and Stevie will ever not be able to suppress various emotive buttons that exist. One lives in hope, as I think they do,” he said of the former lovers, who started working together at 16.

“Having Chris back is hugely amazing. I think Stevie’s loving it and Chris is, too.

Touring the world was “sort of” easier today, added Fleetwood, whose battle with cocaine addiction is the stuff of rock legend. (He once estimated that, laid end to end, the cocaine he consumed during his life would stretch seven miles).

‘‘Those, looking back on it, were sort of a bit harder. Harder to juggle feeling good and being professional. Those days are long gone.’’

Fleetwood says this time there will be only just the occasional “little jug” of wine during this tour.

The band plays Allphones Arena on October 22, 24 and 25.

Annette Sharp / The Daily Telegraph / Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rumours of Fleetwood Mac’s demise prove wrong

Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood takes pride in being part of one of music’s greatest soap operas, the band’s landmark 1977 album Rumours.

“The album is a chronicle of everything that happened with us on a personal level, which became a story almost too out of control, but the quality of the way we ­approached that album sonically, it’s very natural,” Fleetwood, 68, said in Sydney yesterday.

The drummer, a founding member of one of the world’s most successful and enduring rock acts, will be joined by Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Christine McVie on stage in Sydney tonight as the veteran band begins its On With the Show Australian tour.

The shows, which come at the end of a world tour, mark the return to the Australian stage of Christine McVie, who quit the band in 1998, but rejoined at the beginning of last year. Her return reunites the line-up whose fractious relationships formed the lyrical backbone of the Rumours album and shot them to international superstardom.

“She is a dear friend to all of us,” said Fleetwood, “even when she wasn’t in the band, so to have her back and with such a level of enthusiasm is a joy to see. It’s fair to say that Stevie is happy to not just be surrounded by a bunch of ex-boyfriends.”

Nicks was in a relationship with Buckingham when they both joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, but after they split she had an affair with Fleetwood, who was married at the time.

Fleetwood has been the only constant in the band since it began as a blues rock outfit in ­England in the 1960s and believes he has been partly responsible for keeping the group together through its many turbulent ­periods.

“I don’t write the songs, I don’t sing the songs, but in a way that has been my contribution to a bunch of wonderful, crazy people, present and past, that have come through Fleetwood Mac.”

The drummer, who has also toured Australia with his blues band, said that a new album would be forthcoming from Fleetwood Mac.

“There will be a new record,” he said.

“John and myself and Lindsey cut a lot of stuff about three years ago, which remains in our swollen archive. Much later we recorded with Christine. Whether Stevie becomes a part of that we’re not quite sure. I live in hope that it will work out.

“We’re not done yet, that’s the main thing.”

Iain Shedden / The Australian / Wednesday, October 22, 2015

Fleetwood Mac, Sydney

Legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac are together again for their On With the Show tour, with Christine McVie rejoining Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks after a 16-year absence.

Having performed a “just about perfect” set in London and at the Isle of Wight, they’ll play songs from their four-decade long career. Through years of drugs and breakups, they’ve held onto friendship, and belted out dozens of hits, including The Chain, Dreams, Second Hand News, and Don’t Stop.

Date: from 22 to 25 October 2015

Price: from $99.90

Website: Live Nation

Telephone: (02) 8765 4321

The Guardian (Australia) / Friday, September 18, 2015

Local acts to support Fleetwood Mac tour

Our rolling Stones to join Fleetwood Mac tour

SYDNEY: Angus and Julia Stone will support Fleetwood Mac on their On With The Show world tour in Australia and New Zealand. The duo have just come back from playing at Coachella, America’s largest music festival. The brother and sister duo will play at all the outdoor venues of the tour, including Perth, Adelaide, Hunter Valley and Geelong. They will not play at the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane shows. Melbourne band Stonestreet will also join the tour at Fleetwood Mac’s Geelong and Hunter Valley shows. Singer Stevie Nicks and bandmates Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie return to Australia after their sellout 2009 Unleashed tour.

Heart Beats Slow

Get Home

A Heartbreak

NT News (Australia) / Friday, July 17, 2015

2015-angus-julia-stoneDuo gets on with the show

Duo Angus and Julia Stone will support Fleetwood Mac on their On With The Show Aussie and New Zealand tour this year.

The criticallyacclaimed pair have been unveiled as the “very special guests” for the legendary group’s outdoor shows, including an October 28 gig at Coopers Stadium.

After a few years apart working on solo projects, the brother and sister singer-songwriters reunited last year, returning to the top of the ARIA album charts, and most recently have been playing soldout shows in Europe and the US, including the Coachella Festival and the New York City’s Governor’s Ball.

The Advertiser (Australia) / Friday, July 17, 2015

Melbourne's very own Stonefield
Melbourne’s very own Stonefield

It’s all relative for Fleetwood Mac

FLEETWOOD MAC are keeping it in the family, securing a pair of acclaimed sibling-led bands for their soldout Geelong show.

ARIA winners Angus and Julia Stone were yesterday announced as guests for all of Fleetwood Mac’s outdoor shows during its tour of Australia and New Zealand this year.
This includes the sold-out Day on the Green performance at Mt Duneed estate on November 7.

Melbourne’s Stonefield, featuring a trio of sisters, have also been included on the bill, having just released their new single Golden Dreams after two years of solid gigging.
Fleetwood Mac is touring as a five piece for the first time since 1998, performing in Australia for the first time in six years.

Golden Dream

Love You Deserve

Geelong Advertiser (Australia) / Friday, July 17, 2015