Frequently Asked Questions about Stevie Nicks


Q. What is Stevie’s real name?
A. Stevie’s full name is Stephanie Lynn Nicks. Stevie is a nickname that dates back to her early childhood when she had trouble pronouncing her name.

Q. Where was Stevie born?
A. Stevie was born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 26, 1948.

Q. Where did Stevie grow up?
A. Because of Stevie’s father’s frequent job promotions, the family relocated often when she was a child. They lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico; El Paso, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Arcadia, California; Palo Alto, California; and Chicago, Illinois (leaving Stevie behind in California to attend school and pursue music).

Q. Where did Stevie go to school?
A. Though raised Episcopalian, Stevie attended Catholic schools as a child. As a teenager, she attended Arcadia High School in Arcadia, California for her sophomore and junior years (1964-1965). In the middle of her junior year, she transferred to Menlo-Atherton High School in Atherton, California, where she graduated the following year. She took classes at Cañada College, a community college in Redwood City, California, and later majored in speech communication at San Jose State College (University) with aspirations to become a teacher.

Although she did not graduate from Arcadia High School, Stevie attended the Class of 1966’s 40th reunion at the Westin Hotel in Pasadena, California on October 7, 2006.

Q. Where does Stevie live now?
A. Stevie currently resides in Santa Monica, California.

2009-soundstage-landslide2Q. Who are Stevie’s family members?
A. Stevie’s parents were Jess Seth Nicks and Barbara Meeks Nicks. Jess, 80, died on August 10, 2005 and Barbara, 84, died on December 28, 2012. She has one younger brother, Christopher, who married and later divorced Stevie’s backup singer Lori Nicks. They had one child, Jessica James Nicks, Stevie’s niece. You can read more about Stevie’s family history here.

Q. Who is Stevie’s godson, the one that inspired the song “You Can’t Fix This”?
A. Stevie’s godson was Glen B. Parrish, Jr., the son of Stevie’s former manager Glen Parrish, Sr. The younger Parrish died on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at a UCLA fraternity party, possibly due to alcohol poisoning and prescription medication abuse.

Q. Who is Stevie’s best friend?
A. Stevie has specifically mentioned the late Robin Snyder, Sara Fleetwood, and Lori Nicks to be her best friends, but Stevie has many close friends.

Q. How tall is Stevie?
A. Stevie is 5 feet, 1 inch.

Q. Who is Stevie’s assistant?
A. Karen Johnston has been Stevie’s loyal personal assistant since 1990. Johnston took care of Stevie’s former Phoenix home for many years. Prior to then, Ginny “The Fan Mail Lady” Kamano assisted Stevie for many years. Johnston’s sister Kelly co-wrote the song “No Questions Asked.”


Q. How does Stevie maintain her youthful looks?
A. Stevie stays out of the sun and uses sunscreen and La Mer face cream products to protect her skin. She also exercises regularly by doing Pilates and running on the treadmill.

Q. Does Stevie smoke cigarettes?
A. No, not anymore. Stevie started smoking Cools cigarettes in 1984 during the recording of Rock a Little. She quit smoking cigarettes on January 1, 1997 just before the recording of Fleetwood Mac’s The Dance (1997).

Q. Does Stevie use drugs?
A. In 1986, Stevie entered a 30-day program at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California to treat an addiction to cocaine. Although she recovered, the cocaine use permanently perforated Stevie’s nasal septum.

In December 1993, she entered a 47-day program at the Daniel Freeman Rehabilitation Center in Marina Del Ray, California to treat a powerful addiction to the tranquilizer Klonopin and the antidepressant Prozac, which a doctor had unnecessarily prescribed for her.  She has not used either drug since.

Q. Does Stevie wear glasses?
A. Stevie wears glasses primarily for reading. In the mid-1990s, she had a procedure to correct severe near-sightedness.


Q. Who are Stevie’s great loves?
A. Stevie has said that Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, and Joe Walsh are the great loves of her life. She has written many songs about all three men.

Q. Has Stevie ever been married?
A. Yes, once. Stevie married Kim Anderson in 1983, but the marriage only lasted for three months. They did not have children. Anderson had one child, Matthew, with the late Robin Snyder, who died of leukemia in 1982.


Q. Does Stevie have any pets?
A. Yes. Stevie loves animals and has owned many cats and dogs over the years. Stevie currently has a Chinese Crested Yorkshire Terrier mix named Sulamith Wülfing. She was born in 1998.

Q. What does Stevie do in her spare time?
A. Stevie enjoys drawing, painting, reading, writing in her journal, listening to music, traveling to places near the ocean, and watching daytime soap operas. She also visits recovering soldiers at military hospitals in Washington, D.C.

Q. Does Stevie drive?
A. Stevie knows how to drive but chooses not to drive today.

Q. Who are some of Stevie’s favorite authors?
A. Stevie has drawn tremendous inspiration from classic literary works. Some of her favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Taylor Caldwell, Nathaniel Hawthorne, John Keats, and Walt Whitman. Stevie has alluded to their works in many of her songs, such as “Rooms on Fire” (Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray), “Kick It” (Wilde’s The Happy Prince), “Running Through the Garden” (Hawthorne’s Rappaccini’s Daughter), and, most recently, “Annabel Lee” (Poe’s 1849 poem set to music).

Q. What kind of music does Stevie like?
A. Stevie enjoys music from many different eras and genres. Some of her favorite artists are Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. She also listens to R&B, rockabilly, and dance music.

Q. Has Stevie ever published a book about her life?
A. No, but Stevie has kept personal journals for most of her life. In the mid-‘80s, she considered releasing a book called The Wild Heart, a chronicle of that album’s recording sessions, but shelved the project. She has since changed her mind about publishing a book about her life to protect the privacy of the people who are close to her.

Q. Why does Stevie twirl on stage?
A. Stevie enjoys ballet and dance. She once wanted to be a ballerina but focused on rock and roll instead.

Q. What kind of bird is on the cover of Bella Donna?
A. The bird featured on the cover Bella Donna is a cockatoo named Maxwellington.


Q. Where can I find Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac concert set lists?
A. Setlist FM is a great resource to find Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac concert set lists.

Q. Where can I find lyrics to Stevie’s songs?
The Nicks Fix, Stevie’s official web site, has an extensive collection of song lyrics. You can also perform a search on Google by typing Stevie’s name, her song title, and the word “lyrics” in the search box (e.g. Stevie Nicks Gold Dust Woman lyrics).

Q. Who are Stevie’s musical influences?
A. Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix served as big musical influences when Stevie began performing professionally. In 2001, she told VH1 in an episode of VH1 FanClub that she adopted her vocal phrasing from Joni Mitchell, vocal prowess from Aretha Franklin, and elegant stage presence from Grace Slick.

Q. Does Stevie play any instruments?
A. Stevie knows how to play simple chords on the piano and guitar, which helps her with songwriting. She took guitar lessons for a short time many years ago, but she is largely self-taught in music.

Q. Is Buckingham Nicks available on CD?
A. No. Stevie and Lindsey own the rights to the 1973 recording, but have decided not to reissue it at this time. Only one track from the original Buckingham Nicks album is currently available on CD, “Long Distance Winner,” which appears on disc three of The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks (1998).

Q. What is Stevie’s record label?
A. In 1980, Stevie founded Modern Records with record executives Danny Goldberg, Paul Fishkin, and Doug Morris, as a vehicle to launch her solo career. Modern operated under the label of Atco Records, a division of Atlantic Records. For overseas releases, Modern exclusively licensed Stevie’s recordings to EMI Records Limited, which operated worldwide. By the end of the ‘80s, Atco encountered serious financial problems and Atlantic took over operations.  By 1991, Atlantic Records eventually consolidated operations, merging Atco Records with EastWest Records, another Atlantic subsidiary. Stevie ended her relationship with Atlantic Records after the release of The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks in 1998. Stevie later signed with Reprise Records.

1985_ralQ. Who are Stevie’s backup singers?
A. Stevie’s current backup singers are Sharon Celani and Lori Nicks. Stevie’s past backup singers include Jana Anderson, George Black, Carolyn Brooks, Liza Jane Edwards, Sara Fleetwood, Lynne Mabrey, Marilyn Martin, Rick Nowels, Steve Real Vasquez, Chas Sandford, Mindy Stein, Sandy Stewart, Maria Vidal, and Elisecia Wright.

Q. Who is Stevie’s voice coach?
A. Steve Real Vasquez has been Stevie’s voice coach since 1997. He sings backup on Deep Dish featuring Stevie Nicks’ version of “Dreams,” which appears on Crystal Visions…The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (2007). He also sang “Leather and Lace” with Stevie during the 2011 In Your Dreams tour.

Q. Who is Sandy Stewart?
A. Sandy Stewart is a singer-songwriter who has collaborated with Stevie on many songs, such as “If Anyone Falls,” “Nightbird,” and tracks from Stewart’s 1983 solo album Cat Dancer. Stewart also co-wrote the songs “Seven Wonders” from Tango in the Night and “Too Far From Texas” from Trouble in Shangri-La. Stewart’s role has been to provide instrumental tracks, to which Stevie can add her lyrics.

Q. Who is Michael Campbell?
A. Michael Campbell is a guitarist from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who he has frequently collaborated with Stevie. As with Sandy Stewart, Campbell’s role has been to provide instrumental tracks, to which Stevie can add her lyrics. “Whole Lotta Trouble,” “Freedom,” and “Blue Denim” are just a few examples of their collaborations.

Q. What does author Anne Rice think about the mention of her name in Stevie’s song “New Orleans.”
A. On May 9, 2011, Anne Rice responded on Facebook to the mention of her name in the song. She wrote, “I just got my first letter from a person who says he is trying my work thanks to the new Stevie Nicks song. I must say, I’m honoured by Stevie Nicks’ mention of me in that song. And hearing it makes me so homesick for New Orleans. So home sick for the oaks of uptown and the twilight sky over the Garden district, and the breeze off the river.”


2001-0501-preston-promoQ. Who are Stevie’s fashion influences?
A. Jimi Hendrix and Grace Slick served as both musical and style inspirations for Stevie’s look. She derived some of her gossamer style from ballet and dance.

Q. Who designs Stevie’s clothes?
A. Stevie has worked with Los Angeles designer Margi Kent for many years to balance style with comfort.

Q. Where does Stevie get her boots?
A. For her trademark platform boots, Stevie has worked on custom designs with Mardiros Vartanian, Maia Mazia, and the late Pasquale di Fabrizio.

Q. What is Stevie’s natural hair color?
A. Stevie is naturally a brunette.

Q. Where can I buy Stevie-inspired clothing?
A. Designs by Bear is a good place to start. For Stevie’s iconic crescent moon, try Camias Jewelry Designs.


Q. Is Stevie a witch?
A. No. The rumor probably originated from one or more of the following things: Stevie’s song “Rhiannon,” which she has described as being about a Welsh witch; Stevie’s past Halloween costumes as a witch; and Stevie’s preference to wear primarily black clothing onstage. Stevie has publicly stated many times that she is not a witch.

Q. Is Stevie gay?
A. No. Stevie is straight and dates men.

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