25 Years: The Chain (1992)

Fleetwood Mac 25 Years The Chain (1992)

Fleetwood Mac’s 25 Years: The Chain is a box set of retrospective material. With 72 tracks, spread over four discs (and cassettes), the set includes singles, remixes, alternate versions, live performances, four new songs, and 64-page photo booklet with selected discography.

Warner Bros. released the box set on November 24, 1992, and issued the singles “Paper Doll” in North America and “Love Shines” internationally.

The box set is currently out of print in the United States, but still circulates internationally. In Europe, Warner Bros. issued the condensed, 2CD Selections from 25 Years: The Chain in 1999 and reissued the original 4CD box set in 2012.

Official videos

These are the official videos for “Paper Doll” and “Love Shines,” but Stevie Nicks does not appear in them. She had distanced herself from Fleetwood Mac when the following videos were created because of the “Silver Springs” flap.

“Paper Doll”

“Love Shines”