LeAnn Rimes, Stevie Nicks, Borrowed

Stevie Nicks, LeAnn Rimes discuss ‘Borrowed’ on BBC Radio 2

Stevie Nicks and LeAnn Rimes were special guests on BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. The two talked about their collaboration on the song “Borrowed” from LeAnn’s new EP Re-Imagined.

Chris Evans: Morning Stevie Nicks!

Stevie Nicks: Good morning! Hey, LeAnn.

LeAnn Rimes: Hi, how are you?

SN: I’m good, Honey. How are you?

LR: I’m so good. Oh, I just adored, adored working with her, and you, who I’m talking to, on this record. I mean, it was so amazing to do. It’s just so amazing to have people hear this and to have people react to it, it’s so cool. Everybody’s loving it.

CE: Wow

SN: I know. Oh, all my dogs are starting to bark. Stop, stop.

You know, it’s like, it was really for me such a serious, like, dream come true because I really did, that little thing that I wrote about LeAnn, I really did just turn on the TV, like out of nowhere, and sometimes, you know, something will come on, and you’re like, how did that happen? That I just happened to turn the TV on right then and she was singing that song live and I just broke down and started to sob and I thought I’m gonna sing this song with her for some reason, someday. And I just think that…

CE: What is it that moves you most about the song, Stevie?

SN: The story. Just the story about, you know, it’s pathetic how I lie around and wait for you to call and I don’t leave the house because I think you might call. And I have personally done that myself.

LR: Join the club

SN: As probably have all of us, you know? And when you hear it, you go, well there you go. And so I just related to it so much. I knew that, you know, I’d had my person that, in my own way, probably wrote the same song about. And so I just related to it and I just thought I would just really love to sing this song with her someday. And sometimes when I paint the picture, it’s like build a field and they will come, you know?

CD: Yeah, yeah.

SN: And it happened.

CE: So LeAnn, what’s it like having Stevie Nicks in your studio singing your song? What was that like for you?

LR: Oh my God, you have no idea. It’s still kind of doesn’t hit me. You know, she’s influenced me for so long. She’s just such an incredible human. You know, I’m talking about you like you’re not here. But to the rock star, she’s a goddess and just to be in the room with her, you would think that one would, I d on’t know, for me, she was just so down to earth and just a cool human. And just to be able to connect with her, you know, on this level through this song where…, it’s just amazing where another artist really truly sees you, the artistry and the musicianship that you put into your work and not only that but just the truth and the authenticity of your lyrics and the pain that you were feeling at the time. It’s just nice to be seen by someone else just on a human level and then at the same time on an artistic level so…

CE: Stevie, and I’ve just asked LeAnn, she actually had a little pan out before talking to us. How you stayed up or did you have a little kip as well?

LR: She just got up, probably.

SN: No, no. It’s only 1:00 here, right? And so I’ve just been up. I’m in Mexico, and so I’m just like, you know, I had dinner and I have four of my really good girlfriends here. And we just sat outside and talked, and talked about all our fun times, and talked about doing this tonight, and talked about the song and played ‘Borrowed,’ you know, three or four times for everybody…

LR: Aww…

SN: And everybody is just seriously almost brought to tears by it. And it’s like, that makes me love it even more because I see the same thing in their faces that I felt, you know, when I heard her sing it in 2013.

CE: All right, Stevie, you’re in Mexico. Is Mexico particularly buoyant? Have you heard the fact that Mexico beat Germany in the World Cup? Have you heard about that?

SN: I heard.

CE: Yeah, baby! Olé! Olé! Olé!

SN: I have heard that, and they are very excited.

CE: Anyway, back to the music.

SN: I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I do know that they won something and it was big.

CE: Massive, huge, couldn’t be bigger. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Much love and gratitude to Ben Davis for making this interview available.

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