Stevie Nicks, Bourbon & Beyond Festival, Eddie Vedder, Steve Miller, September 23-24 2017
(Marty Pearl)

RECAP: Bourbon & Beyond Festival

On Sunday night, Stevie Nicks closed out the Bourbon & Beyond Festival, performing on the Oak Stage (“oak” naturally being one of many references to the celebrated beverage of the evening).

At tonight’s show, the stage configuration was noticeably different, without the large projection screen serving as the stage backdrop. The usual graphics that displayed and illustrated Stevie’s storytelling were missing, as well. So this time around, Stevie kept the stories and stage banter short and succinct.

Stevie Nicks, Bourbon & Beyond Festival, Eddie Vedder, Steve Miller, September 23-24 2017
(Rod Snyder)
Stevie Nicks, Bourbon & Beyond Festival, Eddie Vedder, Steve Miller, September 23-24 2017
(Jen Bryant)
Stevie Nicks, Bourbon & Beyond Festival, Eddie Vedder, Steve Miller, September 23-24 2017
(Richard Bond)

Stevie Nicks, Bourbon & Beyond Festival, Eddie Vedder, Steve Miller, September 23-24 2017

Set List

  1. Gold and Braid
  2. If Anyone Falls
  3. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
  4. Belle Fleur
  5. Gypsy
  6. Wild Heart
  7. Bella Donna
  8. Enchanted
  9. New Orleans
  10. Starshine
  11. Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)
  12. Stand Back
  13. Crying in the Night
  14. If You Were My Love
  15. Gold Dust Woman
  16. Edge of Seventeen
  17. Rhiannon (encore)
  18. Landslide (encore)


Much love and thanks to girlRock1000, Jennifer Jennings, Pete Miller, Monica M. Reed, Rapture&Gina Barba, and Anna-Marie Rooker for sharing these videos from the show!

Gold and Braid (Anna-Marie Rooker)

“If you’re smoking out there, will you just try to, like, blow it a little bit that way [gesturing to her right] or a little bit that way [gesturing to her left] because if you shut down my voice, you’ll be coming up here and I’m gonna be just like training you onstage to-night. It could be your big break. It’s a big risk before you know. So anyone…anyway…anywhere, let’s go!”

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Monica M. Reed)

Gypsy (Anna-Marie Rooker)

Enchanted (Anna-Marie Rooker)

New Orleans – partial (girlRock1000)

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) (Anna-Marie Rooker)

Stand Back (Anna-Marie Rooker)

Gold Dust Woman (Jennifer Jennings)

Rhiannon (Rapture&Gina Barba)

“I considered having a big, big class of bourbon about halfway through the show. I don’t even do that anymore and I was thinking BRING ON THE BOURBON! So thank you so much for coming out tonight. You are just so special for letting us close down your bourbon festival, which doesn’t mean you have to close it down. It just means that we’re going back to Los Angeles. So thank you so much! You have been an awesome, awesome audience! Thank you!”

Landslide (Pete Miller)

“Thank you. So this next song was written in Aspen, Colorado in 1973. It’s the only time I’ve ever been in the snow-covered mountains in my life, and I was there that summer. And this little song for all practical purposes took us to the top. So I’d like to dedicate this to you and your bourbon festival. It’s called ‘Landslide’.”

After Landslide

“Thank you! You helped me get through this. I was a little rough on my voice, but you know what? With you guys out there, what else could I do but like push on through? So thank you for being awesome, and strong, and kind, and a wonderful audience, and listening to all our songs after all these years. Don’t think for one minute that we don’t appreciate every little thing that you do because we do. Thank you! Bless you!”

See more videos from the show at YouTube!


Five things you missed Saturday at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival in Louisville (Jeffrey Lee Puckett / September 25, 2017 / Courier-Journal)

2. Stevie Nicks doesn’t exactly have a pretty voice but you definitely can’t mistake it; that growling vibrato is instantly recognizable. She closed the festival with her own set of classic hits fueled by a stellar band, surprisingly goofy stage banter, and some damn fine twirling.

A Tale of Two Festivals: Moving between Bourbon & Beyond and Cropped Out (Michael C. Powell / Leo Weekly / September 25, 2017)

Stevie Nicks, who can still twirl pushing 70 (and belted out a majestic rendition of “Gypsy”), referred to it on stage as “The Bourbon Fest.”

New Release

Stevie Nicks, Stand Back 1981-2017, compilation

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