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RECAP: Vancouver, BC – Pepsi Live @ Rogers Arena

After a few days off, Stevie Nicks returned to Canada, performing at Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Friday night — the 23rd show of the 24 Karat Gold Tour.

Introduction (after Gold and Braid)

“Well, welcome, everybody! We’re so glad that you’re here, and what a beautiful day of snow today was! Even I, a working girl, got to stay in bed until 3:30 and just watched the snow. It was fantastic! Anyway, um, it really was, I’ll never forget it, it was a memory. Um, and I know you guys don’t get snow all that much because the limousine driver’s going like, ‘It never comes down here. It just stays up there on the hill. Really.’ And I’m like, ‘Really?’ ‘Yes, really, it never comes down here. We don’t like it when it comes down here.’ Is that true? [an emphatic YES! from the crowd]. I knew it! So anyway, um, everybody, this is not the same… [I decided] a couple of month ago, whatever, that I was going go into what I like to call the dark, ‘the dark, mystical, gothic trunk of songs that never actually went out,’ and I’m a do some things that I love and that weren’t necessarily pulled off of records because they weren’t good enough. In fact, that was the never the reason. It was because I wasn’t crazy for the concept or whatever so I pulled it at the end. So these are songs that I really love, and I’ve kind of put them…intertwined them into a set that I think is really good and I hope you will like. So what this really is, it is a journey through the snow! So welcome once again and let’s go!”

New Orleans story

I have it on a cassette player, which I personally think is the best thing that was ever made. And, um, I have it, and it still sounds like amazing. Um, and I, um, put it away. And in 2010 when I did, um, my album In Your Dreams, I actually recorded it, and I loved it, and it came out great, and it came out with all the sensitivity and the love and the tragedy that I wanted to have — the balance. But I still couldn’t do it onstage, still too close. So this time when we decided to go out to do this tour, I finally said to Waddy, ‘I think that…I think we can do this song now, I think it’s time.’ So, um, anyway, this is the song, and this is ‘New Orleans.’

Stevie Nicks


Much love and thanks to dobwat, LiveShows, Michelle Peach, and Lonnie Santrock and for filming and sharing these videos!

If Anyone Falls / Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around / Gypsy / Wild Heart / Bella Donna / Enchanted / New Orleans / Stand Back / Gold Dust Woman / Edge of Seventeen‎ (Lonnie Santrock)

Stevie Nicks rogers Arena Vancouver December 2016


Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around feat. Chrissie Hynde – short clip (Michelle Peach)

Stevie nicks vancouver


Stand Back – short clip (Michelle Peach)

Stevie nicks vancouver


Gold Dust Woman (LiveShows)

Stevie Nicks "Gold Dust Woman" Vancouver Dec 9, 2016


Gold Dust Woman (dobwat)

Stevie Nicks – Gold Dust Woman


Landslide (Michelle Peach)

Stevie nicks vancouver



“Vancouver welcomed two of music’s most celebrated and iconic rock stars Friday night amidst unusual amounts of snow and the buzzing of impending witchy enchantment. Both Stevie Nicks and the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde — ages 68 and 65 respectfully — were in fine form, showing no signs of slowing down, but rather hopeful for a full future with the continued support of their fans and the freedom to explore their vast musical repertoires.” —Laura Sciarpelletti / Exclaim! (Read the full review here.)

“Two years ago Stevie Nicks released her eighth solo album 24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault, to critical and commercial success. Online music database All Music dubbed the re-recorded set of demo songs ‘the best sounding record she (Nicks) has made since 1983’s The Wild At Heart’. Fast forward to October of this year, where Nicks alongside her band and talented friends Waddy Wachtel (whom she met in the pre-Fleetwood Mac days of 1973) and backup singers Sharon Celani and Lori Perry (backup singer for Nicks since 1981) embarked on a 27 date 24 Karat Gold Tour in support of the album by the same name.” —Kris McDermott / Vancouver Weekly (Read the full review.)

Stevie Nicks

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