VIDEO: Stevie joins School of Rock for surprise performance

Stevie made a surprise appearance at Tuesday night’s performance of the School of Rock musical at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York. The stunned crowd gave Stevie a standing ovation, before she and the School of Rock band launched into a fierce version of “Rhiannon”.

Afterwards, Stevie told the audience how impressed she was of the young musicians and encouraged them to donate to the School of Rock music education program.

“I would just like to say, everyone, to be in the presence of these kids that are so amazing that honestly sometimes I close my eyes and I’m not sure that it’s not Fleetwood Mac. It’s very trippy. They are so good, and so I want to ask you all also, that little extra bit of money, 5-10 bucks you have, donate it to that cause because it’s important. It’s the right thing to do. Thank you so much for being here.”

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Rhiannon featuring School of Rock band