Charles Kelley talks about working with Stevie Nicks

Charles Kelley talks about meeting and working with Stevie Nicks in a new Billboard interview.

The legendary Stevie Nicks adds her touch on Kelley’s cover of Tom Petty’s “Southern Accents.” He tells Billboard that one doesn’t have to necessarily share a microphone with Nicks to be enchanted by her mere presence. “Every time I’ve ever been lucky enough to be in the same room as Stevie, it feels like a dream,” he said. “I first met her while filming the CMT Crossroads special with Lady Antebellum. She is such an open book and incredibly refreshing that you forget for a moment that you’re hanging out with your hero. She was very open to suggestions I made but she also had very strong convictions of her own as to what she thought would make for a great performance. The process was very collaborative.”

Kelley admitted the two found some common ground on the track. “We’re both giant Tom Petty fanatics so we wanted to make sure that we did the song justice. She is also a close friend of Tom’s, which I can’t say for myself. I can only hope that Tom hears our version and it brings a smile to his face.”