VIDEOS: 3/7 Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte NC

Fleetwood Mac performed at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday night. The band did not perform “Songbird” at this show. There was a report that Christine McVie may have injured her hand.

Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to the people who attempted to march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, 50 years ago, on a day of protest that became known as “Bloody Sunday.” She reflected on the tragic events by sharing a poem (“Peace Will Come”) that she wrote on March 7, 2007. The video of Stevie reciting the poem is posted below.

Please, God, show them the way
Please, God, on this day
Spirits all give them the strength
Peace will come if you fight for it
Peace will come if you try harder
I think we’re just in time to say that
Peace will come

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Photos by Robert Lahser/Charlotte Observer

Date Venue Location Reviews Show # Total
Saturday, March 7, 2015 Time Warner Cable Arena Charlotte, North Carolina
  1. Charlotte Observer
  2. Columbia Closings
22 62


Thanks for Rosemary Barron, CharlotteNC4U, V Clarke, gregm777, Lynne McGuirt, rhiannon1119, scotyofink, and sexygrandpa for sharing these videos!

The Chain (Rosemary Barron)

Tusk (sexygrandpa)

Tusk – partial (rhiannon1119)

Tusk – partial (gregm777)

Seven Wonders (gregm777)

Big Love (scotyofink)

Landslide (scotyofink)

Never Going Back Again – partial (Lynne McGuirt)

Gypsy – story only (Lynne McGuirt)

Gypsy with story (sexygrandpa)

Gypsy (gregm777)

Gypsy (scotyofink)

Little Lies (scotyofink)

Gold Dust Woman (rhiannon1119)

Go Your Own Way – partial (V Clarke)

Don’t Stop (scotyofink)

Silver Springs – partial (rhiannon1119)


Set List

1. The Chain 13. Landslide
2. You Make Lovin’ Fun 14. Never Going Back Again
3. Dreams 15. Over My Head
4. Second Hand News 16. Gypsy
5. Rhiannon 17. Little Lies
6. Everywhere 18. Gold Dust Woman
7. I Know I’m Not Wrong 19. I’m So Afraid
8. Tusk 20. Go Your Own Way
9. Sisters of the Moon 21. World Turning
10. Say You Love Me 22. Don’t Stop
11. Seven Wonders 23. Silver Springs
12. Big Love 24. Songbird