VIDEOS 2/5: Bell Centre, Montreal QC

Fleetwood Mac performed in the French Canadian city of Montréal on Thursday night.

Lindsey practiced his limited French to the amusement of the crowd just before performing “Big Love.”

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Date Venue Location Reviews Show # Total
Thursday, February 5, 2015 Bell Centre Montreal, Quebec
  2. Montreal Gazette
  3. Montreal Rampage
  4. Rick Keene Music Scene
11 51


Thanks to Eric Blain, Michael Cournoyer, DailyHoneylie, Gilles Gagné, Tammy Jamieson, Rick Keene, Ken Lawenda, Michel M, Dirk Schlimm, ShookMeBaby LucGrisé, smacksaw, and Frank Tremblay for sharing these videos!

The Chain (Frank Tremblay)

The Chain (Tammy Jamieson)

Dreams (Dirk Schlimm)

Dreams (ShookMeBaby LucGrisé)

Dreams (Gilles Gagné)

Rhiannon (smacksaw)

Everywhere (Ken Lawenda)

Tusk (Frank Tremblay)

Say You Love Me (Tammy Jamieson)

Seven Wonders (Eric Blain)

Big Love – short clip (Rick Keene)

Landslide (Frank Tremblay)

Landslide (ShookMeBaby LucGrisé) 

Landslide (smacksaw)

Landslide (Michel M)

Little Lies (ShookMeBaby LucGrisé)

Gold Dust Woman – short clip (Rick Keene)

I’m So Afraid – partial (Rick Keene)

I’m So Afraid – short clip (Frank Tremblay)

Go Your Own Way – short clip (Rick Keene)

World Turning / Band Introductions (ShookMeBaby LucGrisé)

Don’t Stop – sideways for 35 seconds (Michael Cournoyer)

Band Introductions / Don’t Stop  (ShookMeBaby LucGrisé)

Don’t Stop (Ken Lawenda)

Compilation (DailyHoneylie)

Dirk Schlimm
Dirk Schlimm