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Fleetwood Mac press photo

PRESHOW: Going long with Lindsey Buckingham

On Sunday, the Erwin Center welcomes back the classic lineup of Fleetwood Mac: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood. This lineup of the group, whose 1977 album Rumours is one of just eight albums to have...

Katherine Winston covers ‘Rhiannon’ on American Idol

Katherine Winston infused Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Rhiannon” with her own bohemian sensibilities, which earned her a spot in the American Idol Top 24.
Watch her perform a funked-up rendition of “Rhiannon” below.


VIDEOS 2/18: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland OH

Fleetwood Mac performed at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday night. Date Venue Location Reviews Show # Total Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, Ohio 18 58 [slideshow_deploy id=’43740′] Videos...

REVIEW: Christine McVie’s return lifts Fleetwood Mac

Christine McVie’s return lifts Fleetwood Mac back on its Hall of Fame Pedestal [slideshow_deploy id=’43740′] CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mick Fleetwood said it best Wednesday night. Rising his full 6-foot-5 frame from behind his...

Letter of Recommendation: Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk

There is a species of spider that hunts by releasing chemicals that imitate the sex pheromones of moths. When its prey arrives, high on fantasies of romance, the spider hits it with a sticky blob of web, then devours it. Scientists call this...

Fleetwood Mac live at KFC Yum! Center in Louisville KY

No refunds for no-show ticket holders

Couldn’t make it to the Fleetwood Mac concert? Don’t expect a refund. Fleetwood Mac played a long-awaited concert at the KFC Yum! Center on Tuesday night, and though thousands were able to attend, some ticket holders were stuck at home...

Fleetwood Mac live at KFC Yum! Center in Louisville KY

VIDEOS 2/17: KFC YUM! Center, Louisville KY

Despite Monday’s severe snowstorm in the area, which prevented some ticket holders from reaching the venue, the show went on Tuesday night as Fleetwood Mac performed at the KFC YUM! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Unfortunately for those who...

Fleetwood Mac live at KFC Yum! Center in Louisville KY

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac sparkles at KFC Yum! Center

Fleetwood Mac last made new music together in 2003, but the band’s heyday ended nearly 30 years ago with “Tango In the Night,” its final multi-platinum album. That technically makes Fleetwood Mac a legacy act, largely living on reputation...

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac at Chicago’s Allstate Arena

Maybe Fleetwood Mac will still be doing what they do 20 years from now. It wouldn’t surprise me. They lived through peak self-destruction, through the decades when bands were losing members left and right to the side effects of 20th century music...

VIDEOS 2/14: Allstate Arena, Rosemont IL

Fleetwood Mac performed at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago), on Valentine’s Day. For the special night, Christine received a large bouquet of red roses, which was placed atop her keyboards. [slideshow_deploy...

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac turns back time in Milwaukee

Fleetwood Mac performs live at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee during ‘On with the Show’ tour Rating: * * * * * (5 stars) [slideshow_deploy id=’43029′] On the road since August 2014, Fleetwood Mac pulled into...

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac @ BMO Harris Bradley Center

Fleetwood Mac, the irrepressible pop-rock engine, rolled into Milwaukee Thursday with a huff and puff and as much energy as its aging members could muster. All things considered, that energy proved to be considerable. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham...

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