(Jim Ruddy Collection / The Texas Archive)

Rare interview resurfaces

(Jim Ruddy Collection / The Texas Archive)
(Jim Ruddy Collection / The Texas Archive)

The Texas Archive has shared a rare interview with Stevie Nicks in Dallas, while Fleetwood Mac was touring for Rumours. Part of the Jim Ruddy Collection, the interview shows Stevie getting off a plane enroute to a limo with the rest of her Fleetwood Mac band members and taking a few minutes to answer questions from correspondent Jim Ruddy. Although the following description from the Texas Archive indicates an August 1980 date, this interview probably occurred sometime in 1978, prior to the release of Tusk, based on Ruddy’s interview questions.  (Thanks to Mike Cooper for this update.)

Texas Archive description

This footage, taped for the CBS-affiliate KDFW, contains a short, unedited interview with Stevie Nicks, the frontwoman for the British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac. Taped just after the band’s arrival in Dallas for a concert at the Reunion Arena in August 1980, the interview focuses on Fleetwood Mac’s decision to return to touring, the importance of playing live shows, and chemistry amongst members of the band. Nicks, who spent several of her childhood years in Texas, also briefly mentions the band’s preference for playing in the Lone Star State.

Video timeline

  1. Fleetwood Mac’s plane arrives at the Dallas airport
  2. The pilot snaps some personal pictures of the band from the cockpit
  3. Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and John McVie exit the plane
  4. Interview with Stevie Nicks begins
  5. Ruddy questions Nicks about how the band is getting along
  6. Nicks talks about playing in Texas
  7. Fans take pictures as the band prepares to leave the airport
  8. Christine McVie in the limo
  9. John McVie in the limo
  10. Stevie Nicks gets in the car to leave
  11. Mick Fleetwood gives fans autographs

Watch the video (5:16)

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