STEVIE NICKS IN YOUR DREAMS will be available for digital purchase in the UK in September!

Buy it now! (US/Canada only)

STEVIE NICKS IN YOUR DREAMS (digital format only) can be purchased at iTunes or directly from Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart at for $9.99. It can also be rented or purchased from and via XFINITY On Demand. Regional restrictions for purchases and rentals may apply.


4 thoughts on “STEVIE NICKS IN YOUR DREAMS – Watch it now!”

  1. fantastic, what a tribute, stevie will definatlly be in my grandaughters vocabulary, captured being an american, good and bad, what can you say, its just so stevie nicks! thank you, you are a part of my life…………………………

  2. Dearest Stevie,
    I have been listening to this album over and over and over, since I first received it, via the early purchase offer, and did not think that I could love it more; I was wrong! After watching today during the World Wide viewing party, where You allowed Me into Your house/World and all the behind the scenes of You and Your gang creating this magnificent album, I now LOVE IT even more so! Ten billion thank Yous for sharing so much more; I am in total awe! You truly are the reigning Queen of Rock, which I have known to be fact, since the first time I heard “Rhiannon” at the age of 12 and that has never changed. I am now forty-nine, a disabled Air Force Veteran, and am about to become a Grandfather in January and You have inspired Me more than You could ever know in the years between that 12 year old little insecure boy non-stop thru MY life to the now 49 year old (almost) Grandfather of today. Your dreams have saved Me and gotten Me through some very lows in My life, as well as during some of the most important and happy times, during that span, without fail. Thank You again so very much, from the bottom of MY dreams, heart, and Soul for sharing Your dreams, heart, and Soul with not only Me, but the millions upon millions of others! All I can think to say about this all is simply WOW!!!
    With so much love, respect, and awe, thank You from My Soul!!!
    PAX & Love, always Stevie,
    -Buddy Lee Brown

  3. I loved the documentary!!! Thank you so much for sharing it for us UK fans. I read somewhere it would be available in September, but getting this early means so much. You’re the best source for Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac information on the web, even better than the official site!!

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