3RD SHOW: Fleetwood Mac, Madison Square Garden, New York City, April 8, 2013 (videos)

(East Village Radio)
(East Village Radio)

1. “Second Hand News” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

2. “The Chain” (courtesy of npez4)

3. “Dreams” (courtesy of G.A. Cardon)

1-3. “Second Hand News,” “The Chain,” “Dreams” (courtesy of Linda Minutella)

3. “Dreams” (courtesy of Henrique Luz)

4. “Sad Angel” (courtesy of verbalalchemy)

5. “Rhiannon” (courtesy of MrScottt65)

5. “Rhiannon” (courtesy of LazyLightning55)

5. “Rhiannon” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

5. “Rhiannon” – views of projection screen (courtesy of npez4)

6. “Not That Funny” (courtesy tsfmnlb)

7. “Tusk” (courtesy of Ken Hartsfield)

7. “Tusk” (courtesy of Scott Schaier)

8. “Sisters of the Moon” (courtesy of Ken Hartsfield)

8. “Sisters of the Moon” (courtesy of m steinein)

8. “Sisters of the Moon” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

9. “Sara” (courtesy of Henrique Luz)

10. “Big Love” (courtesy of Ken Hartsfield)

11. “Landslide” – with full dedication (courtesy of granitedog)

11. “Landslide” – with dedication (courtesy of tommyrockstar)

11. “Landslide” (courtesy of Jonathan Lumley-Sapanski)

12. “Never Going Back Again” (courtesy of Scott Schaier)

13. “Without You” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

13. “Without You” (courtesy of verbalalchemy)

14. “Gypsy” (courtesy of Yolanda Montesino)

15. “Eyes of the World (courtesy of m steinein)

16. “Gold Dust Woman” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

16. “Gold Dust Woman” – front row view (courtesy of granitedog)

16. “Gold Dust Woman” (courtesy of Henrique Luz)

17. “I’m So Afraid” (courtesy of Diana Fasola)

17. “I’m So Afraid” (courtesy of m steinein)

18. “Stand Back” – (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

18. “Stand Back” (courtesy of Ken Hartsfield)

19. “Go Your Own Way” (courtesy of Morganlabella)

20. “World Turning” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

21. “Don’t Stop” (courtesy of Henrique Luz)

21. “Don’t Stop” (courtesy of Glenn GeoVott)

21. “Don’t Stop” (courtesy of TheMarcocasual)

22. “Silver Springs” (courtesy of Ken Hartsfield)

22/23. “Silver Springs” & “Say Goodbye” – front row view (courtesy of granitedog)

Special thanks to G.A. Cardon, Diana Fasola, Glenn GeoVott, granitedog, Ken Hartsfield, LazyLightning55, Jonathan Lumley-Sapanski, Henrique Luz, Linda, Minutella, Yolanda Montesino, Morganlabella, MrScottt65, npez4, Scott Schaier, m_steinein, The Marcocasual, and tommyrockstar, tsfmnlb, verbalalchemy for making these clips available.