VINTAGE VIDEO: ‘Blue Denim’ from The Tonight Show

Stevie’s performance of “Blue Denim” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (and her entire Street Angel saga) is memorable for a number of reasons. Stevie had recently completed treatment for a debilitating addiction to prescription medication and was thinking clearly again. She finally released her fifth solo recording Street Angel after several delays and attempts to “fix” the album. Despite the tepid critical reception of the album and her own reluctance to promote it, Stevie forged on with the necessary promotion, which included a national tour and requisite TV appearances. Rather than sulk or go through the motions, Stevie gave it her all — busting out the bold costumes, crimped hairstyle, whimsical set designs, and powerhouse vocals that longtime fans wanted her to unleash once again. Not all of the transformations worked out, but her gallant efforts proved to the world, most importantly to her fans, that Stevie Nicks was a rock and roll survivor, Sideshow-Bob hair and all! Perhaps she was channeling the vibe of future drummer Jimmy Paxson…?