VINTAGE VIDEO: ‘Gold and Braid’

“Gold and Braid,” or “Golden Braid” as it has been commonly known among fans, is a track from the Bella Donna recording sessions. Though it was never recorded for the album (or ANY album for that matter), it quickly became a cult fan favorite, kind of like the “Silver Springs” of Stevie’s solo career. The live version of the song finally found a home on Stevie’s 1998 Enchanted box set. But most fans will turn to this familiar performance from the 1981 White Winged Dove Tour to rekindle fond memories of marching high kicks and flying tambourines.

When Stevie performed “Gold and Braid” during her millennium shows in December 1999, she told the crowd how flabbergasted she was by the song’s popularity.

“This song was never recorded. That song we just played, I never recorded it. It was recorded as a demo and it went out on a million bootleg tapes. That’s fine, I don’t care. At least somebody heard it. It’s amazing to me that so many people know this song that was never on a record.”

Why she never recorded a completed studio version remains a mystery. But, of course, there is certainly no shortage of songs about Lindsey Buckingham. (Yes, this one is partly about him, too.)