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Icon/Style 2011 In Your Dreams Kristen Burns

Stevie Nicks’s limousine is so huge that you can sit with your legs outstretched and still not bother the person in front of you. In this instance, it’s Nicks’s personal assistant, whose toes are about 12 inches from mine, and who’s eavesdropping on our interview and taking calls on what would now be a museum-piece mobile phone (this is the late ‘90s, after all).

Icon/Style 2013-0904-belfast-telgraph

Stevie Nicks claims Botox is “an ugly thing” she will never have again. The Fleetwood Mac singer insists she will never turn to the wrinkle-defying injection again after a bad experience. Stevie remembers how the product changed the features of her face in a dramatic way.


Q has featured Fleetwood Mac in a 17-page collector’s special with interviews and pictures for its October 2013 issue. The feature revisits Fleetwood Mac’s long and varied history and promotes the band’s upcoming European tour, which begins in Dublin, Ireland on September 20.